About Us


The technique of manufacturing photo etched nameplates was perfected by our predecessor, Alan Gettings in the 1980s. He had established a cottage industry and, over many years, had accumulated a vast archive of research materials – mainly drawings, photographs and rubbings taken from original locomotive nameplates etc. – and used these to make scale drawings of the plates he produced. We continue to use those drawings, together with the hundreds more we have added ourselves, as our basic reference and it’s probably this that sets us apart from other manufacturers of replica plates: we strive tirelessly for – and do usually achieve – absolute authenticity.

The process

All our artwork is now digitised but the drawings used to create plates are still ‘hand-drawn’, now on a screen rather than in ink on paper. Crucially though, the original references are still those full-size plates.
Following a process of graphic reproduction, the image is etched into brass – usually scale thickness (sometimes, particularly in bigger sizes, a backing plate may be needed to increase the thickness to scale). Where possible – i.e. when the brass is less than 1mm thick – the items may be etched all round, saving the task of cutting them from a sheet.

Placing an order

See our Ordering page for information on how to place an order. If you are unsure about what you need or would like to discuss any aspect of the project we are more than happy to help. Contact us for friendly, helpful advice.